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Exterior Cleaning

Q Due to leakage in basement parking, white spots are developed on the car. How to remove the same? I tried with Car shampoo but in vain.
Q I'd like to wash my car which is wax treated. Which product of yours is safe and will not strip this layer?
Q Is Pressure Wash harmful for wax treated cars?
Q What is the best way to restore gloss to a dulled painted surface?
Q What’s the difference between a solvent-based and water-based dressing? I am confused which to use when,
Q I use your Car Duster for wiping off the dust. I really love the product. But it gets too dirty within a span of 2-3 months.
Q The bird droppings were on my car and when I removed them there are marks or stains on the paint. what can I do?
Q What are the benefits of using a Wash Mitt or a Car Washing Sponge?
Q What’s the best way to dry my car after washing?
Q What is paint correction/restoration?
Q Can I use these products in the sun?
Q What is a scratch, in reality?
Q Why should I use a headlight restoration kit?
Q Why do car finishes fade? How do you prevent it?
Q Can scratches be removed from my paint job without my vehicle having to be repainted?
Q Why use car shampoo when I can use dishwashing detergent or lower cost car shampoos?


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