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Polishes / Waxes / Glazes

Q Is Pressure Wash harmful for wax treated cars?
Q What is the best way to restore gloss to a dulled painted surface?
Q How often should I wax my vehicle?
Q How do I remove small scratches and swirl marks?
Q Is liquid, paste or spray wax best? You have 'one step polish wax', 'premium paste wax', 'silicon polish' and 'spray wax'. So confused which to buy.
Q What is the best wax to protect my new car?
Q What is Carnauba wax?
Q What is paint correction/restoration?
Q What is the difference between PAINT SEALANT and WAX?
Q What is the difference between polishing and waxing?
Q What is a glaze?
Q Why do car finishes fade? How do you prevent it?


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