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Q People talk about body shop-safe products. What is it? Are jopasu products body shop-safe?
Q I see so many rubbing and polishes pads in the market and on your website. Varied colors and I had various results. I want to know which colour pad is used when
Q How often should I detail my car?
Q What are your office timings? Can we visit to see the facility?
Q What surfaces can I use Joapsu on?
Q Why does Jopasu make so many products?
Q Can I use these products in the sun?
Q I want to make sure these products are safe on the various surfaces of my car – how can I find out for sure?
Q What is "Orange Peel"?
Q What are under-coatings?
Q My car has several layers of paint when it was applied in the factory; that should offer ample protection, shouldn't it?
Q Are Joapsu car care products compatible with other detailing products?


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