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Jopasu Car Care Kit

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Regular car wash is an important part of car maintenance and can also help to protect the exterior of your car from the damage that dirt, oil and debris can cause to your paint. Jopasu Car Care products will allow you to maintain the result of your work for a long time. Jopasu Car Care Kit consists of Juggernaut Car Duster, Bio Car Shampoo, Wash Mitt, Jopasu Magic Wipe, Dashboard Dressing, Spray Wax & Trim N' Tire Dressing.

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  • Light weight robust design of Car Duster
  • Bio-Degradable shampoo
  • Dual-sided microfibre is highly absorbent
  • Restores shine and lustre to vinyl, plastic, leather and rubber surfaces by Dashboard Dressing
  • Phenomenal Shine and Lustre by Spray Wax
  • Terrific shine & lustre by Trim N' Tire Dressing
  • Keep it fresh: You can keep your vehicle looking and feeling new by having your car cleaned consistently.
  • Safety: Keep yourself and your passengers safe by removing build up of dirt an grime on the windows and mirrors with regular car washes.
  • Fuel Efficient: Random dirt particles increases wind resistance causing vehicle to use more fuel. A clean car is more aerodynamic and therefore more economical on fuel.
  • Prevents Damage: Dirt left to linger on your car’s exterior can wear down the protective coating and cause fading in the paint job.

How to use

  1. Dust off the loose dirt from your car's surface top to down by Juggernaut Car Duster.
  2. Wash your car by using Bio Car Shampoo in right proportion.
  3. Wipe your cars’ body, glasses, mirrors by using high quality microfibres.
  4. Apply Dashboard dressing to vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with pad. Spread it evenly and allow to dry. Wipe extra with JOPASU Microfibre or JOPASU Applicator Pad.
  5. Spray Jopasu Spray Wax onto a 2ft X 2ft wet surface. Buff with a complete dry Microfiber in a circular motion to generate an excellent depth of gloss.
  6. Restore shine and lustre of exterior vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. Put small amount of Trim N' Tire Dressing on Applicator Pad. Apply product evenly to tire with pad.


  1. Ensure vehicle is not under direct sunlight while washing.
  2. Use separate sponge or wash mitt for tyres.
  3. Do NOT use Jopasu Spray Wax on warm/hot surfaces.

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