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TLG - 1000

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TLG 1000 is a super slick, hydrophobic 10H ceramic coating that provides a coated vehicle with an impressive combination of ultra-slickness,
durability, gloss and hydrophobic properties.Just a thin coat of the coating and it forms an extremely hard shell on thecar's surface that makes it easy to clean the car without worrying about scratches. What's even better is that it also creates a beautiful shine onthe car exterior!

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  • Effectiveness:- 5+ years depending on environmental factors*
  • Pencil Hardness-:Approx.10H
  • Shelf Time:- 12 months
  • Chemical Resistance:- Excellent
  • Safe for all metals.
  • Dissolve light grease and grime.
  • Effectively cleans without harsh alkali builders.
Step 1: Surface Preparation
  • Rinse The car : Rinse the car with water so that the contaminants that usually mess with car paint get washed off.
  • Cleaning The Car:
  • Tar Remover : Apply Tar Remover on areas that are tarred & let it reside on the surface for a minute. Agitate the sprayed area with a brush. Pressure rinse the surface.
  • Wheel Cleaning : Use Wheel Cleaner to clean the Wheels and rinse away the product with high pressured clean water hose.
  • Removing Lime Scale : Spray Jopasu Lime Scale Remover directly on the surface to be cleaned or apply with the help of an applicator. Agitate the sprayed area with a brush. Pressure rinse the surface.
  • Underbody rinsing : Pressure rinse the underbody
  • Engine Cleaning : Spray the Jopasu Engine Degreaser on engine, running board & rocker panels to remove tough grease, dirt and oil build up from hardworking, leaky engines and thoroughly pressure rinse, standing at different angles.
  • Removing Chemical Decontamination: Iron remover, an intense chemical cleaner, is safe for ALL exterior surfaces. Spray it directly onto the paint and wait for it to bleed red.
  • Washing : Foam Wash the car using Jopasu Bio / Eco Car Shampoo.Use separate wash mitt for wheels. Rinse the vehicle from top to down again using low pressure washer. Remove any excess water by Jopasu Magic Wipe Microfiber.
Step 2 : Paint Correction
  • Paint correction is an important step which gives a perfect smooth surface that is essential for the ceramic coat by eliminating the paint imperfections.
  • Physical Decontamination : Use a special detailed clay bar to remove any last tiny particles of the dirt.
  • Masking : Use the masking tape to protect anything you don’t want to burn or scuff: headlights, taillights, badges, mouldings, etc. If it’s plastic/rubber mask it.
  • Sanding(Optional) : Use sand papers for sanding the car surface. Sanding removes the top layer of your car’s paint using abrasive materials.
  • Compounding :Rubbing compounds contains abrasives that effectively removes minor scratches, sanding marks and surface imperfections
  • Poilishing:Titanium Finish 3.5 / Titanium 3.8 is used to fine tune the newly levelled surface, revealing a beautiful, highly polished surface.
  • Spray IPA Wipe :Wipe down the surface with IPA solution to chemically strip the oils and fillers contained in polishes and compounds.
Step 3 : Apply the Ceramic Coating
  • Wrap a small piece of suede microfibre tightly around the ceramic applicator sponge.
  • Shake the bottle, then apply several drops (10-12) to saturate the cloth. Always add drops as needed to keep the applicator damp and smooth for optimal application. This should be done for each small section you apply the ceramic coating to the vehicle
  • Select a 2’ x 2’ area for application. Wipe it again with IPA.
  • Wipe a thin layer of coating across the car surface.Ensure even application on each small section.Buff off the residual within a minute.
  • At regular intervals check the temperature of the substrate & the applicator sponge with the help of IR Meter.If the temperature of the applicator is more than the substrate, then change the applicator.
  • Dispose off the used Ceramic Applicator Sponge & Suede Microfiber by putting it in water filled bucket.
  • Continue to spread in an even pattern until you have completely covered the section. Add drops as you go to keep the applicator cloth damp.
  • Once you’ve applied the coating to the full section, let it sit for 35-40 minutes (based on the temperature) for touch dry. After the required wait time, you’ll proceed to the final phase of buffing.
Step 4 : The Curing Process
  • For Jopasu’s TLG Ceramic coating, we recommend letting the vehicle sit indoors for almost 120 hours. The key is to reduce the potential for exposure to water, including rain, sprinklers, even dew or high humidity levels. Do not wash & wipe the vehicle for atleast 5 days.
  • If you’ve prepped the vehicle correctly, and applied Jopasu’s TLG Ceramic coating as recommended, it should keep your vehicle protected from UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, and other contaminants from 3 to 4 years
  • Use IR Lights for better results & reducing time of curing.

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