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JOPASU’s Glyde is a ready-to-use, solvent-based dressing that restores shine and lustre to exterior vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces. It is not a body-shop safe product.

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  • Light blue colored
  • Solvent based formulae
  • Silicones for high gloss
  • Shines and restores moisture
  • Flammable
  • Can be used on rubber, plastic, vinyl
  • Prevents premature aging and fading.
  • Generates deep, rich, shine.
  • Solvent-based formulation enables shine agents to penetrate surface enhancing durability.
  • Restores moisture depleted by UV rays.

How to use

  • Exterior Rubber/Vinyl/Plastic surfaces

    1. Put small amount of product on JOPASU Applicator Pad.
    2. Apply product to vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with pad.
    3. Spread it evenly and allow to dry. Wipe extra with JOPASU Microfiber or JOPASU Applicator Pad.
  • Tires

    1. Prior to applying the product, thoroughly clean tire with JOPASU General Purpose Cleaner and tire brush, then pressure rinse and wipe dry.
    2. Put small amount of product on JOPASU Applicator Pad.
    3. Apply product evenly to tire with pad.
    4. Allow tires to dry thoroughly before moving the vehicle.
  • Notes

    1. Flammable due to solvent.

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