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Jopasu Mini Duster

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An International Quality Glove-shaped Duster is designed especially for vehicle interiors, two wheelers to easily access hard-to-reach areas. The Duster consists of 100% wax-treated cotton strands. This technology magically boosts the Duster to lift the dust without scratching the car's surface. The heavy duty mop-head results in looking the car just washed thereby reducing the number of car washes. A complete water saver product.



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  • Dust is lifted and removed, not just pushed around.
  • Used for home and office furniture too.
  • Reduces the number of washes.
  • Water saver product.

How to use

  1. Insert your hand into the glove.
  2. Shake the Duster vigorously before and after use.
  3. Wipe the car's interior/bike surface clean.
  4. Do NOT use the Mini Duster on wet surface.


  1. Washing is recommended only when the Mini Duster stops picking up dust.
  2. When not in use, always keep the Mini Duster inside its bag.

Technical Data Sheet


Master Safety Data Sheet