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Bug & Tar Remover

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JOPASU Bug & Tar Remover is an anti-drip formula that effective penetrates and loosens stubborn bugs residue, tar, bird droppings, tree sap etc. It’s an ultracoat safe formula.



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  • Can be used on paint, chrome, glass, rubber and vinyl surfaces.
  • Powerful stain fighting formula.
  • Easy to use, fast acting.

How to use

  1. For best results, work on your car off sunlight.
  2. Spray product directly on the surface to be cleaned.
  3. Allow solution to reside on surface for one minute.
  4. Agitate the sprayed area with a brush .
  5. Pressure rinse the surface .
  6. Wipe with JOPASU Magic Wipe (Microfibre).


  1. Do NOT leave the solution on the surface for long.
  2. Use Gloves as a precautionary measure.

Technical Data Sheet


Master Safety Data Sheet