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Car Wash Combo

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This combo consists of Bio Car Shampoo, Foaminglow Sponge & Jopasu Microfibre Pack (set of 3). A highly concentrated, bio-degradable, thick, aqua-green liquid shampoo features rich stable foam that lifts and holds dirt in suspension allowing easy film free rinsing. JOPASU FoaminGlow is a European Polyester, super absorbent car washing sponge used for scouring cleaning solutions; thereby generating stable foam that lifts & holds dirt in suspension & allowing easy film free and scratch free rinsing. A 16" x 16" incredibly plush microfibre pack (Set of 3) in 250 g/m2 chamois features a revolutionary microfibre technology that effectively removes moisture from the surface without scratching or streaking it.




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    Bio Car Shampoo

  • Aqua green-coloured liquid
  • An exclusive pH balanced (ph 7-9), biodegradable formula
  • Highly concentrated
  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Can be used on paint, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces

    Foaminglow Sponge

  • Yellow, bone shaped sponge
  • Super absorbent, wrings out easily
  • Extremely durable, Lasts long
  • Withstands solvent based shampoos

    Jopasu Microfibre Pack (Set of 3)

  • Extremely soft and absorbent wipe
  • Rounded-off corners and turned-in edges
  • Dual-sided microfiber is highly absorbent
  • Wrings-out easily
  • Anti-static and lint-free

    Bio Car Shampoo

  • Eco friendly shampoo due to bio-degradability.
  • Low usage cost, as it is highly concentrated and mixes with water.
  • Does not strip wax protection and is safe for all paint types due to its pH balanced formulation and non-streaking properties.
  • Saves time and effort because, it's super high foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension and promotes a film-free rinsing.

    Foaminglow Sponge

  • Super absorbent and high cleaning solution retention capacity.
  • Generates foam to trap dirt in suspension.
  • Bone shape offers better grip with wet hands.
  • Extremely durable sponge; withstands solvent based shampoos too.

    Jopasu Microfibre Pack (Set of 3)

  • Produces swirl free, mirror-like results.
  • No residue, no wiped-in scratches.
  • Will not harm painted, chromed or polished surfaces.

How to use

  1. Firstly free up the loose dirt by pressure rinse or bucket wash.
  2. Mix 1 part of shampoo with 300 parts of water (20ml shampoo in 6L water).
  3. Agitate the shampoo with JOPASU FOAMINGLOW and start cleaning the vehicle from top to down.
  4. Use sponge in a swirling method for generating foam, even washing & debris removal.
  5. Rinse sponge periodically during use to release trapped debris.
  6. Finally rinse and wipe dry using Jopasu Microfiber.


  1. Ensure vehicle is not under direct sunlight while washing.
  2. Mix the shampoo and water as directed. Too much concentrated shampoo may lead to unwanted streaking.

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