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General Purpose Cleaner (RTU)

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An extremely versatile, ready-to-use, sprayable JOPASU General Purpose Cleaner is formulated to remove soil, light grease, bugs and road film from exterior vehicle surfaces and dirt, grime and stains from interior rubber, plastic, vinyl and fabric. All-in-one cleaning solution for that "just detailed" look.



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  • Safe for all surfaces.
  • Water-soluble solvents dissolve light grease and grime.
  • Effectively cleans without harsh alkali builders.

How to use

  1. Interior Cleaning: Spray product on the surface and allow it to dwell for 1 min. Wipe with wet Jopasu Magic Wipe (Microfiber).
  2. Exterior Cleaning: Mix Spray product on the surface and allow it to dwell for 2-4 mins for reaction. Use a brush if needed to remove the stubborn grease and grime. Pressure rinse.


  1. Do NOT swallow.
  2. Use Gloves and Goggles as a precautionary measure.

Technical Data Sheet


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