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Ultra Paste

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Ultra Paste Compound from the A (Arihant) Series effectively eliminates medium to fine grit scratches, surface imperfections, blemishes, oxidation from any painted surface with no swirling or residue & leaving a deep gloss onto the surface.

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  • White paste
  • Heavy level abrasive; big cutting size particles
  • No wax no silicon
  • Quickly and effectively removes medium to fine scratches and oxidation.
  • Even Sanding patterns, fast removal of sanding marks.
  • Less product needed preventing pads from becoming saturated.
  • Paintable and will not "fish eye" freshly applied paint.

How to use

  1. Rub the area with sanding paper of 1500-2000 grit size.
  2. Apply small amount of product directly on painted surface.
  3. While product is wet, buff a 2' x 2' area with high speed buffer (2200 rpm, or less) and cutting pad. Keep pad flat on painted surface and buff until product dry, applying light, even pressure. Spray water whenever needed and buff again.
  4. Remove residue with clean, microfiber cloth.


  1. Ensure vehicle is not under direct sunlight while application.
  2. Do NOT allow product to freeze.

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